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New Sight
Cry of a Lone Wolf

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Poem by RJ Sideleau
Photography by John Weant


Journey Through
By RJ Sideleau
January 2, 2005

Every day, after you know,
You wonder where things will go.

Talking to strangers, and learning the deal,
Trying to cope, and trying to heal.

Walking alone, in the struggles of health,
No matter if poor, or living with wealth.

Finding folks, in the same place,
Sharing life stories, face to face.

Learning to trust that you’re not alone,
Every day living takes on a new tone.

What once was a health hell,
And a virtual death knell,

Now treatments are out there,
Giving life if you get care.

Modes of help, that offer real hope,
And systems in place, to teach you to cope.

Guides and programs, support and lend aid,
Fear, stress and anxiety, gradually fade.

Quality of life, will be back on-track,
Look forward from here, and make your new path.



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